The Urban Dweller project consisted in creating a series of interventions around Baltimore City. These interventions would cater to the Urban Dweller to create a network in adapting to various areas around the city. They would exist to allow the dweller to embrace, escape, find shelter, rejoice and explore. In effect, this project serves as an introductory model for a series of interventions that can begin to exist.

Three different sites were undertaken to represent the model in mind. Below is one of the examples.

SITE 1. Path & Pace

Observations of the Site

The contrasting scale of the water has a disguised presence accentuated by its varied behaviors (slow vs. fast). Two conditions, a man-made edge (angular) and a natural edge are competing to direct its path and pace. Inaccessible at first, but when you are there it is overwhelming.

Design Intent

Exposure is key to this design. The viewer’s approach to the site accentuates the contrasting scales. While a connection is drawn between the opposing forces of the edges, it also highlights the water’s varied behaviors.

Path and pace are emphasized and experienced as this overwhelming feeling is simplified to a clear moment of pause.

Site 1. Path and Pace, plan
Site 1. Path and Pace, plan
Site 1. Path and Pace, section elevation

Site 1. Path and Pace, section elevation


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