How Might We Improve Education and Expand Learning Opportunities for Refugees Around the World?

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This document is intended to inform the community and our partners, UNHCR and UNICEF, what the community has provided the platform during the research phase. The authors have coded and themed all of the data. They have categorized OpenIDEO members’ posts into 6 “buckets”- so that the user of this document can easily interpret what this amazing community has produced. Many research posts can fall into one or more buckets. We took a step back from each post and determined which theme was most prevalent to the central ideas in the research post. 

The document was created by Joe Silva and Myself (Karine Sarkissian)- June 2015

Bent Wood, a small discovery!

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I am currently in the process of designing a lifesize shelter for my digital fabrications class. We are using Rhino 3d, and the CNC mill to cut out the pieces.

My two other group members and myself decided to challenge ourselves and make it with a "bent wood" coating. Here's what we've discovered so far!


Trails of the City: Melbourne Laneways

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Melbournes laneways have been transformed from narrow functional alleys to dynamic cultural spaces. This evolution is the result of a cultural awakening among the Melbournes creative entrepreneurs. Rather then working to block projects and control development, the city worked with private interests and artists to encourage the laneways progress. Trails of the City looks at the creation of the laneways from various perspectives; it illustrates how diverse groups aligned organically to generate these vibrant and eclectic spaces.

Think. Create. Collaborate.

Beirut - Show us your type

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How cool is this? People from all over the world were encouraged to submit a type design of "Beirut". Creativity at its finest!

Combining the love for type and cities. Such a smart way to combine the two things you are most interested in - We all have to create our own projects and disciplines, just like this!

Unfortunately quite a few are negative.

Design by Jan Kocian (Cologne, Germany)

Design by Jan Kocian (Cologne, Germany)