Product Designer/ Social Innovator
Multi-Media Artist

Karine Sarkissian is a Lebanese, Armenian, American Artist and Designer.

"Design is my way of thinking and its process dictates my approach to everything I take on. It encourages me to see things from different perspectives and try and solve problems while opening up new possibilities for people. Living in various cities throughout my life, from Beirut to Baltimore to NYC, I have been exposed to many realities and have seen the limitations that various societies hold. I’m committed to understanding individuals, their needs, and the community they come from. In catering to them, I thrive in working with my peers to create social change through design."

Karine speaks English, French, Armenian, and Arabic.

She is an activist for women's rights and strongly believes in representing people's voices that are silenced. She loves to travel, explore the outdoors, and discover new places to surf.


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